For now

you are nameless.

a faceless,

figment of my overdeveloped imagination

; who lurks in libraries and drinks from porcelain coffee cups,

who wears dark rimmed glasses and blue baseball caps.

I thought I saw you once, walking my way with a ring on your finger

and a black case slung on your shoulder but when I squinted and puckered my lips & tilted my face, it wasn’t you.

And again, my retinas mistook your plaid shirt and kind words for someone I thought I knew, but the cold air and snowy ground brought my eyes into focus and it wasn’t you, either(must have been a failure of rods and cones; im so sure.)

So now I wait:

I wait in a rainfall at a bus stop for a sign,or a glance

& sometimes I get them- those steel blue eyes or irises the colour of Rain forest foliage but,


They don’t say what I want to hear.


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