I’ve been arting

if that’s even a real word. (and no it’s not missing the letter “F”…silly folk)

It means, hauling out the glue gun, Staedtler pencils and erasers, and, well, arting–Drawing and crafting in books of thick, cream sketch paper.

To be honest, i have no idea why i’ve decided to start up my sketching again (it’s literally been since high school, when I all but abandoned a dream of being some form of artist-o) but it’s distracting and time consuming , in a good way; it’s refreshing, because after hours of erasing a single line and re-drawing it at a more 90 degree over and over again, a finish product sits in your lap.

You’ve created something. a first, an original (or close to one) and that’s pretty cool. And it’s cool because it’s something visual and shiny and bright, not an essay! (how I’ve hated the academic essay this past school year!)


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