Come one come all

Every year, like clockwork, the tiny little carnival comes to the East end respectively triggering Victoria day weekend.

Locals who haven’t left the city for this long weekend come in bursts throughout its stay, grabbing a bag of cotton candy on their way and riding few rides; they get heckled by the workers to ” try the gun range- guaranteed prize!” or just sit on one of the shiny chrome benches provided by the company and watch everyone else whirl by.

The adults who bring their children and little neighbours soon regret coming when they spot the 2ft tall prizes hanging upside down, waiting to be claimed by young, eager, hands. And the teenagers all glob together and ride The Zipper again and again until they can’t take it any more, and collectively head to the McDonalds across the street to continue-on in their ever-stimulating gatherings – the associates there can hardly contain their joy.

But more or less, it’s fun to go with friends and ride the paratrooper(never again) and stay out late, sitting in your car, doors open, eating cotton candy.


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