Meditations over tea


The first job interview I ever had was for a gardening center.

It was the end of first year university, and I had that severe longing to be financially endowed and independent from petty babysitting and pity from parents. So I found and applied to a few job postings and luckily, the gardening center posting called me back for an interview.

I was elated! My mind immediately jumped forward 2 months to all the money I would be getting (think: classic movie scene where girl throws crisp 100$ into the air) not even realizing i hadn’t had the interview yet.

Well, I did eventually. And It went awfully. I couldn’t have been more odd with my interview answers! Really, now that I can view the situation from a distance I want to shake my younger self and just be like whaaaaaaaat where you saaaaaaying!

But distance in this instance is good. Now, a few years into the future I’m able to remove myself emotionally from the situation and see exactly what I did wrong in my past, what questions I should have asked myself beforehand, what answers I should have given. Distance have given me great perspective.

And at first when I didn’t get the job I couldn’t understand why. Not that I had been devastated by the rejection, but I had hoped somewhere in my tiny mind that I would get this job and be set for a while; It was a summer job after all so at least my summer would have been covered financially i thought.
And I thought I had answered the questions well so why wouldn’t I have gotten hired?

But now. Now, I see why I didn’t get the job.

So after the center let me know they had “chosen a different direction”, I, again, didn’t have a job and the sting of rejection had shut down my desire to try again. But along my sad, little, summer a friend hinted that her work was looking for a new associate and so I applied hoping maybe, maybe I’d get this job.

And I did.

Distance in this future-instance Is good you see, because now I realize: If I had gotten that summer job at the garden center I wouldn’t have bothered applying anywhere and my friend might not have told me her work was hiring. If ‘A’ happened, ‘B’ wouldn’t have.

And now I see.

how Gods creative fingertips make our seemingly unfortunate circumstances apart of a bigger, better picture. How it’s hard to understand why certain things happen the way they do.

but distance gives us perspective and a critical eye. And if you look hard enough at everything that’s happened to you, you can see a common thread. Always.

But you have to look.

Because who knows? Today’s rejection might have been a step closer to getting  something that you will be happy you had gotten rejected for.

Only time and distance will tell.


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