Found this image floating on my phone from last weeks monster storm. So much rain. wind and thunder- it was awesome (literally). What a humbling thing, being caught in deep thunder and lightening.

I’ve always liked storms. Listening to the calm, noiseless air before the loud majestic symphony that follows was something I looked forward to in mid summer months when I was younger and still do. And after the storm (especially this one) when the sky settles and its colours bleed together like a Turner painting does the nicest light emerge, reflecting off the puddles.



Found images

…from last year’s France trip.

It’s around that time again and I’m feeling the travel bug like mad.


Have a drink

Next time you happen to stumble downtown go check out the new Windsor Star building, a fully-functioning news site  paying homage to an old past. The entrance to the Star houses memorabilia from the Stars golden age (including a few cameras and walls lined with headlining news from the past).  And then go have a drink at the Green Bean overlooking the street, because why not right?

GTCcaroline collage1

caroline (1 of 1)

Bench, bike, tree & a radiant sunset

It’s a lovely thing, a spring evening, when the sun – after burning long and yellow for the day- dissolves into itself and releases all the colours it wishes it could have shared with the daylight.



“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
Virgil Kraft